YOKOGAWA AXR Installation: Requirements and Tricks

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Hi there. Is there a minimum upstream and downstream pipe when I install an electromagnetic? I'm afraid that in my installation we won't have enough space, so wanted to ask, what's the impact and what's the requirement?

Expert’s answer: Yokogawa AXR instalation requirements

Finally, a simple question!

Yes, there is definitely a requirement: you must have a straight pipe before and after the flow meter in order to to avoid problems with the flow measurement.

Usually the magmeter requires a minimum installation condition. However, there are companies on the market, claiming that their flow meters don’t require a minimum straight run. Don’t let them fool you: the accuracy of most of them is not the same as the minimum installation is required.

The Yokogawa AXR will require the same conditions as most of the magmeters on the market. The requirement can change, depending on the type of installation, but for most of the applications the requirement is 5 diameters of straight runs before the flow meter and 2 diameters of straight runs after the flow meter.

Yokogawa’s technical manual

On the picture you can see Yokogawa’s manual, illustrating different types of installations and requirements. Enjoy!

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