Rosemount 8712 pulse?

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Hi, I have a Rosemount 8712 and my flow range is 0 - 15000 l/h with a maximum frequency of 15.000 Hz, how I know the flow to 1 pulse?

Expert’s answer: Rosemount 8712 pulse?

Calculating your Rosemount 8712 pulse is pretty straightforward. If you go to page 60 of the 8712’s reference manual, then you’ll find out how to calculate the output pulse.

I’ll calculate it for you based on your information above, with your maximum flow at 15000 liters per hour and the pulse output scaling so that the transmitter outputs 15.000 Hertz at 10.000 liters per hour.

  • Pulse scaling = flow rate (l/h) / (60 s/min) x (frequency)
  • 15.000 l/h / (60 s/min) x (15.000Hz)
  • 15.000 l/h / 900.000
  • 1 pulse = 0.0166 l

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