Rosemount magnetic flow meter 8712 – low flow cutoff

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I need to change our cutoff value because the operator says the magmeter is measuring without flow. How can I change the low flow cutoff on a Rosemount magnetic flow meter 8712?

Rosemount magnetic flow meter 8712

Expert’s answer:

Let’s see. The Rosemount magnetic flow meter 8712 has a range between 0.01 and 38.37 feet per second, and yes, you can change the cutoff value. Very good.

Rosemount magnetic flow meter 8712
Courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

Okay, to adjust the cutoff in the Rosemount magnetic flow meter 8712, just follow these steps:

Device > Detailed Setup > Signal Processing > Low Flow Cutoff

Then input the values you want. Keep in mind though that you need to set up the flow meter with the values between 0.01 and 38.37 feet per second. Below that, the flow will be zero.

If you have a handheld from Emerson, you’ll do the step by step on the keypad:

1, 4, 4, 4

Hope that helps!

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Rosemount magnetic flow meter 8712 - low flow cutoff
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