ROTAMASS 3 loop test

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Hi, could you teach me how to do loop testing with the ROTAMASS 3? Can I do it using the display?

Expert’s answer: How to do a ROTAMASS 3 loop test

Yes, you can do your ROTAMASS 3 loop test through the RotaMASS and with the display. In fact, you can do it with your handheld too, but I’ll go through the display steps with you.

Go to option labeled Diagnostic/Service and find the input/output test. There you can test all device outputs, so choose the one you want to test and simulate the value. Then you can check the values using a multimeter!

If you want more information about the loop test, here you can see the setting ranges:

ROTAMASS 3 loop test
RotaMASS – Courtesy of Yokogawa

Hope that helps!

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ROTAMASS 3 loop test
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