ROTAMASS Total Insight installation

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I bought a new Coriolis from Yokogawa, the ROTAMASS Total Insight. Is there a specific procedure I need to follow to install it?

ROTAMASS Total Insight

Expert’s answer:

Generally, most Coriolis flow meters have the same installation rules, and the ROTAMASS Total Insight is not an exception. As always, though, you should follow the recommendations in the technical manual! So while you don’t have any special hoops to jump through, you do need to follow the basic steps.

First you verify the flow direction. Luckily, you can find that information on the tube itself, often on a sticker! Next, you install the meter vertically with the flow going up. Coriolis flow meters don’t need a straight pipe before or after them, but if you have the space, why not?

Coriolis – Courtesy of Yokogawa

Now, if you have to install the device horizontally, the position of the measurement tube will depend on the type of fluid or gas you have. For example, if you have solids in the fluid, then you should install the tube face up. If you have bubbles in your fluid, then install it face down. Simple as that!

Coriolis on the market:

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ROTAMASS Total Insight installation
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