Steam temperature past pressure reducing station


We generate saturated steam that goes to the plant at the same process values. At the plant, we reduce the pressure at a pressure reducing station. Will the steam temperature downstream of the PRS remain the same or will it drop?

Expert’s answer: How to fix steam temperature past pressure reducing station?

Good question – there are definitely some things you can do with steam temperature past pressure reducing station. One way you can find out more about the condition of your steam is to install a vortex flow meter that can measure saturated and superheated steam.

The vortex uses its temperature sensor and pressure transmitter to monitor the flow and can adjust the steam to the values you need.

Check out The Steam Specialist to learn more about vortex flow meters and steam.

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You’ll need a vortex flow meter. If you want to get one, check out the links below.

Flow meters:

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Steam temperature past pressure reducing station
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