Thermal mass flow application


Hey. I want to use the t-mass 150 in my process, but I have a question about our application. Our blower runs for about 2 to 5 minutes about every 20 minutes. During the 20-minute intervals, the process won’t have air flow and pressure in the line. Will this have any effect on our vortex flow meter?

Expert’s answer: Thermal mass flow application?

The t-mass 150 performs excellently, with about a two percent error margin for a thermal mass flow application. Since the meter is thermal, you always have to consider your air management. In your process, you shouldn’t have trouble with the intervals because the manufacturer always tests the meter for robustness, quality and precision. Of course, we always recommend that you follow the inlet run compensation to achieve peak performance.

You also mentioned a vortex. If you want one, you can try meters from companies like Emerson, Endress+Hauser, or Yokogawa. They can offer the same measurement quality with better precision, around 0.75 percent. Keep in mind you need a minimum velocity to provide you that precision and you’ll do fine.

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Thermal mass flow application
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