Total Health Check for Yokogawa!

Asset Management Flow Q&A

Do you have information about the "Total Health Check" for a Yokogawa Coriolis flow meter?

Total Health Check

Expert’s answer:

The new RotaMASS provides more data than the old model, Total Health Check. Yokogawa calls it “total insight throughout the whole lifecycle.” So you get easier selection, expert guidance, process security, maintenance management, data mobility, and advanced flexibility. Whew! That’s some list!

Tube Health Check

But back to your question. You can find “T. Health Check” and “Tube Health Check” in the maintenance manager. Now, the Tube Health Check can check a flow meter’s calibration while the meter runs. Thus, you can trim downtime by catching problems early. It also provides data for future maintenance plans.

The Tube Health Check

The Health Check does a complete meter verification in 90 seconds, while the FieldMate delivers a full report for standard maintenance.

Total Health Check

If you need more info, check the RotaMASS links below:

And look here for flow meters:

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Total Health Check for Yokogawa!
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