What flow meter should I use in a water well?


We want to exchange the mechanical flow meter at our water well for a digital solution. We'd like a cheap device that fits in a one-inch pipe just to measure clean water flow. Could you help us?

Expert’s answer : What flow meter should I use in a water well ?

Cool! Then you won’t need a fancy flow meter for that. I’ve seen many similar applications, and a simple magmeter fit those easily. So it’ll probably work for you too.

However, you have to know what you want. I mean, will the operator collect the information manually, or did you want remote monitoring?

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I’ll give you two setups for you to consider, and one may work for you. Even if neither do, you can find other options on the market. If you want to collect the meter data remotely, then you need to find a protocol that offers easy installation and maintenance.

First, you could use a wireless connection to collect data without much structure. Second, IO-Link may work for you as well.  If you go with IO-Link, you can set up the new device by downloading the information from the system.

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Both of these options support fairly low-cost flow meters. You don’t need high accuracy in this application, right? The second solution has local visualization, but you can use a device with WiFi or Bluetooth connections too. This feature can save time by collecting with a simple cell phone or tablet.

Finally, you can find some options on the right side of this page. Our device directory has lots of good flow meters for your application. Hope that helps!


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What flow meter should I use in a water well?
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