What’s IoT?

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I'm seeing a lot of articles about IoT, but I still don't understand the concept! Could you explain it to me?

Expert’s answer: What’s IoT?

Oh, we have a hot topic here! I love to talk about the Internet of Things, aka IoT. Today we have good examples of the potential of the technology and the concept! So, what’s IoT?

Okay, let’s try an analogy. So imagine a device connected to your car, like your GPS. You know it can communicate with other things like satellites and whatnot. Now imagine if it could communicate with other parts of your car, like the engine, radiator, axles, and other bits.

Those things can provide data on the vehicle, like its oil level, coolant temperature, current speed, and so on. Now, imagine your GPS sending that data to a cloud platform. There, the platform can analyze all that data and monitor the status of your car, like to tell you if you have problems, for example. The IoT works a lot like this!

The IoT can connect all kinds of things to provide valuable information about your health, your car, your home, and more! Furthermore, the IoT is headed toward our industry with another name, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The concept remains the same, but it includes your field devices and your production!

Check out this video about the general concept of the Internet of Things:

Companies on the market with IIoT solution:

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What’s IoT?
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