WirelessHART with Yokogawa AXR

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We have the Endress+Hauser wireless adapter SWA70, and we intend to use a Yokogawa magmeter. Which kind of PV, SV, TV, and QV information should we get from the HART?

Expert’s answer: WirelessHART with Yokogawa AXR

Hey, good question! In short, you can get the required information if you use a WirelessHART with Yokogawa AXR. So that means the SWA70 will read the HART values from the Yokogawa device. But depending on the process values, you may need to change the HART values to read remotely.

WirelessHART with Yokogawa AXR
WirelessHART application – Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

Anyway, you should get these HART standard values from the Yokogawa AXR:

  • PV – Instantaneous flow rate
  • SV – Forward totalization value
  • TV – Reverse totalization value
  • QV – Differential totalization value

If you want to learn more, then check out the manual!

Alternatively, check out these companies with magmeters on the market:

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WirelessHART with Yokogawa AXR
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