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I have 10 field flow meters from Yokogawa, and I'd like to do loop tests directly on the display, instead of a field communicator. Could you give me the step by step?

Expert’s answer: Can you do a Yokogawa AXR loop test with the display? 

You can certainly do a Yokogawa AXR loop test with the display. The procedure for the Yokogawa loop test on a local display is dead easy. Just access the menu path like this:

  • Device Setup > Diagnosis/Service > Test > Loop Test

Yep, that’s it! You can go with 4 mA or 20 mA. If you want to simulate a different value, then you can set up a value between 4-20 mA.

If you want to read more about the loop test, then check it out in the manual!

Magmeters  2 wires on the market:

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Yokogawa AXR loop test
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