Yokogawa AXR verification


How can I check our flow meter status? I think our Yokogawa AXR has a problem with the sensor.

Expert’s answer: Yokogawa AXR verification

The Yokogawa AXR offers you diagnostics based on the NAMUR NE 107. If you want to do more advanced diagnostics, then you should ask Yokogawa for the values to measure the coils and electrodes. This Yokogawa AXR verification can help you find out whether the sensor works or not!

You can also use remote access to check your plant asset management system for more data on the health of your meter. If you want a flow meter with more diagnostics, you may want to consider a different meter altogether.

Yokogawa AXR verification
Courtesy of Yokogawa

These companies have magmeters on the market:

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Yokogawa AXR verification
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