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I work in the food industry, and we need a Coriolis flow meter. Could you tell us which certifications the ROTAMASS has?

Expert’s answer: Yokogawa ROTAMASS Hygienic certification

Hmmm. Good question, because I had trouble finding our more about Yokogawa ROTAMASS Hygienic certification. Obviously you need to check the Yokogawa meter for EHEDG certification and 3A conformity. However, I didn’t find that information for the new RotaMASS Total Insight. They do exist for the other models, though.

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The Total Insight line has the ROTAMASS Hygienic, which sounds like it might work for you. Too bad the documents have nothing about the certification yet. You should contact the Yokogawa sales center in your region and ask more information. Or you can buy one of the old model that definitely has certification.

If you want to learn more about the new Coriolis flow meter from Yokogawa, you can read this Q&A.

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