The basics of a Yokogawa Rotamass setup

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I have an Yokogawa Rotamass, and I would like to change the information on the display, could you give the direction to do that easily?

Expert’s answer: The basics of a Yokogawa Rotamass setup

I suppose that you have a Rotamass 3 and not a Rotamass Total Insight? In that case, a Yokogawa Rotamass setup is not at all complicated. You can do the setup directly on the display. Alternatively, if you want, you can do it through the HART or whichever protocol that you have.

Yokogawa Rotamass setup
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First of all, you need to access the main menu through the display. Once there, roll down the options up to “Display configuration”. This is the option that you’re going to use to do the setup. To show the process variable on the display, you have the options to select 1, 2 and 3.

The variable on the display should be the information most important for the operator and for you when you need to go to the field to check the process information. As soon as you have a digital communication, all process information can be accessed in the control system. If you’re only using an analog communication the 4-20mA will be related to a unique process variable.

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