It’s time to improve your pH measurement!

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It’s time to improve your pH measurement!- Visaya Weekly Episode 18

I’m late but how is this possible, It seems my watch is not telling the correct time, maybe I forgot to change the battery or I just need to buy a new one.

What if you have the same problem in your plant?

Let’s take as an example pH measurement, Broadly used in different industries. for example, continuous pH control can improve the wastewater treatment process, it can also avoid corrosion on pipes and valves and it makes sure that your favorite beer hits the spot!

So what if the sensors you are using to measure the pH of your process are not working properly just like my watch. Are you really sure that the value you see on your screen is the actual pH of your solution?

What is the accuracy that you expect to have in order to run your process smoothly, What does it take to ruin a good batch of beer?

Well, don’t worry its easy to make sure that your pH sensors are working properly.

You just need to calibrate periodically your sensors and If you have digital pH probes you can actually adjust the sensors using the right pH buffers.

At the end of the day, our pH sensor is like a toothbrush so you should consider replacing them every now and then.  This way your process will go smoothly and you will not loose any customers.

See you next week!

In alphabetical order, you’ll find manufacturers of pH electrodes and instruments below:

Water/water treatment





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It's time to improve your pH measurement!
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