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Hey, gang! Hope you had a productive week! Got a different type of article here today. The idea came when I was writing my Medium article about the new ways we consume content.

We now have many ways to find good writing with valuable lessons and insights. Besides traditional magazines, blogs, and so on, we have platforms with intelligent discussion like LinkedIn (LI) and Medium. And some content even comes pitch-free, although most posts still have some product or service to promote.

Don’t get me wrong; sales-oriented posts can be okay. I posted LI articles back when I was in a position where I needed to sell. However, all articles should bring value to the reader regardless of the pitch. Otherwise, you might as well read a field device catalog. We all want more than that, right?


Sharing my content on LI back then helped me avoid the bureaucracy of my employer’s marketing & communication (marcom) department. Just looking at the procedures Marcom wanted us to follow made my creativity wither. But posting on LI gave me the freedom to explore new ideas and formats.

For some reason, many companies want to prevent employees from individually sharing content on these platforms. That makes no sense to me. Why? Search for specific keywords on one of these platforms and check out the results. For process instrumentation, you have four companies max, and for automation only a few more. And I’m not talking about marketing on social media, just standard posted content.

Therefore, I created this article to list experts who share rich content. Some still post sales pitches, but they offer useful technical info at the same time. It may take a little critical thinking to glean the gems from the promo text, but you can still pull value from any of it.

So please allow me to introduce you to my list of Expert All-Stars on LinkedIn, in no particular order. Yes, some post more than others or have bigger credentials. But they all bring enough to the table to give you content worth checking out.

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Alan Hunt from ABB

On Alan’s profile, you can find 8 posts on instrumentation and flow measurement. He does a terrific job of structuring his articles for easier, faster reading.

He also shares and comments on related topics, keeping you updated about what’s going on in our industry. Alan is a flow product manager at ABB for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Two highlight articles from the automation expert Alan Hunt:

Kudzai Manditereza from Cygnus Engine

Kudzai always shares good articles on his profile page. Most of them address Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) topics, but he also touches on communication, big data analytics, and more.

Kudzai’s articles delve into the details of their topics and focus on providing real value. You could say he brings class to content marketing. Kudzai is the system architect & founder of Cygnus, a company responsible for IIoT software as a service.

Two highlight articles from the automation expert Kudzai Manditereza:

Jonas Berge from Emerson Automation Solutions

Jonas has 43 articles, mostly on digital transformation, fieldbuses, and data analysis. He also comments in automation groups and posts, especially on IIoT topics as part of Emerson’s current strategy. Some of his posts are a little too long, but he tries to be creative with his titles and images, which is a nice touch.

Today, Jonas is an applied technology director in Singapore, but he also worked at SMAR, another strong player in our industry. He has written two books, “Fieldbuses for Process Control: Engineering, Operation, and Maintenance” (2001) and  “Software for Automation: Architecture, Integration, and Security” (2005).

Two highlight articles from the automation expert Jonas Berge:

Pedro Barretto from HMSHost

Pedro has 14 articles published on LinkedIn, tackling topics like reliability, maintenance, and control systems. I really liked his  “Autobiography of an instrumentation engineer” and “Maintaining stability of process control loops.”

Pedro works for HMSHost in Copenhagen as an automation team engineer; you can see his career journey on his profile page. His articles provide good details, but they can be heavy to read. He could improve on that, but in general, he makes for useful reading.

Two highlight articles from the automation expert Pedro Barretto:

Pete Singleton from S&S Technical LLC

Pete brings his 22 years of experience to 13 good articles on pipeline metering, custody skids, and such. He provides great details and writes well about the metering universe. His content can get dense too, but if you want to know more about metering systems, then he’s your man.

Pete also actively shares and comments on LI posts, so he can help you stay updated with other sources of content. Pete currently works as S&S Technical’s vice president of strategic markets.

Two highlight articles from the automation expert Pete Singleton:

Jim Cahill from Emerson Automation Solutions

Jim always shares interesting posts and comments as well. Although his articles are usually short, he keeps you updated on new topics and technologies.

One of Emerson’s public faces, Jim Cahill is the company’s chief blogger and head of social marketing. Of course, that means he includes a sales pitch in all his content. Still, Jim has spent most of his career with Emerson, so he has gained great experience working with one of the leaders in process automation. You can learn a lot from that.

Two highlight articles from the automation expert Jim Cahill:

Mirko Torrez Contreras from AUTEX S.A.

Mirko is an active member of LinkedIn, with 30 posts and plenty of sharing and commenting on automation technology. He shares content related to field networks and instrumentation in general. You can also find his articles in English and Spanish.

Mirko is an associated technical consultant at AUTEX S.A. in Argentina. He has worked in industrial automation for more than 20 years.

Two highlight articles from the automation expert Mirko Torrez Contreras:


LinkedIn provides a fantastic venue to find professionals offering their knowledge through their articles. You can easily stay updated or explore other points of view. It’s a pity that many big companies keep their old-school media rules, making their employees afraid to share information and perspectives.

Don’t forget to follow me, before following them!

Smart are the companies with a better digital experience. Just saying!

automation expert
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