Who is a #pAutomator?

The #pAutomator interview features engineers across the Process Automation industry. These interview series explores the personal and professional journey of such individuals, thereby, covering their powerful impact on the industry.

We will be happy to feature professionals like you for our next interview. We just need 15 mins of your time. We can have this interview through a phone call, skype call or email interaction, whatever suits you!
So if you have an interesting journey to share,  let´s join hands for our next #pAutomator.

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The interview features the following:

How does your engineering life look like?
What are the everyday problems you face and what has been your driving force?
What are the highs and lows of your profession?
What´s the favourite part of your job?
How do you make an impact on your fellow workers?
How do you wish to transform the industry?
What´s next for the future engineers?

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