Micropilot FMR10

Endress+Hauser launched a new level transmitter, the new Micropilot FMR10! We’re here to judge the features and the benefits, so enjoy the review and decide what you think!


Whatcha got there?

Endress+Hauser offers the radar Micropilot FMR10 with the idea of providing new tech at a similar price to your old ultrasonic level device.

Before we start the review, I wanna squeeze in a word on the Endress+Hauser website. Its quiet “modern design” lacks a primary point of usability. By that I mean I couldn’t use my smartphone to access the device information on the site! #Whereisthemanual?

Back to the device. I daresay it’s the smallest radar I’ve ever seen. Be careful! You may lose the device just going out to the field! Just kidding. It comes with protection ratings IP66 and IP68, a range of up to 8 meters and an accuracy around 5 millimeters.

As a low-cost analog device, it can’t support many features for your Plant Asset Management (PAM) system because you don’t have HART protocol built-in! Furthermore, if you want a display, you have to get an external option with a RIA15 to show the process information to the operator.

What can it do?

Endress+Hauser seems to want to focus on the price point, which appeals to a lot of end users. Radar offers more advantages than ultrasonic, and now that the prices almost match, why not try it?

The FMR10 offers a good compact design. And bonus, it’s not plain black! It even has a bit of color! Of course that doesn’t really matter, but I had to comment on it. #applepointofview

Sadly, it lacks wireless communication to connect with the control system. On the other hand, it does have a Bluetooth connection so you can access the device remotely and check your data.

You can download the SmartBlue app at the App Store and Google Play. And best of all, it costs nothing to use and test! We like companies tossing in software for free. Thanks, mates!

Why should I care?

If you’re considering an ultrasonic level transmitter, consider the FMR10 too. It costs almost the same yet gives you better technology and fancier features, improving the quality of the level measurement and your work conditions. Hey, you gotta enjoy it, right?

On the down side, the display costs extra. But come on. With Bluetooth access, do you really need a display? #modernity

When I downloaded the app onto my smartphone, I had to wonder: How can you have a nice app with good design and a website that needs a manual to use? 

I really like the app, the envelope curve makes up for it, though. The procedure to save and send it by email is simple, but the demo mode could use some clarity. It took me a while to figure out how to turn it off.

In fact, the whole design is simple, but at the same time kinda elegant! Yeah, I said elegant. The Smartblue app offers a good experience overall.

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In general, I like the FMR10, although I long for something disruptive from Endress+Hauser!

For more info, check out this video on the features of the FMR10 and FMR20:

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