Hey, I’m back! Let’s dig into one of my selections for our TOP 5 Coriolis meters on the market and check its features out: the ABB CoriolisMaster FCB450.

You’ve heard about ABB at least once in your career. They’re a big company in a lot of segments, and they have a sharp product portfolio. In the high-level competition of the instrumentation market, they’re doing their best to be the most relevant vendor. Now, say hello to their CoriolisMaster FCB450.

As always, take a seat, have a read, and draw your conclusions!

Full disclosure: This product review examines only features, not performance. If you’ve used this device, feel free to share your experience in the comments.

ABB CoriolisMaster FCB450 specifications

ABB takes a pretty traditional approach. You can imagine the TV commercial in your head, with a suit saying, “The FCB450 gives you high precision on your volume flow, mass, temperature, and concentration! Join us in this adventure!” Sad to say, most flow meters can do the same or more. Let’s keep going.

Courtesy of ABB

Its design is really simple, but as I always say, design doesn’t matter, no matter how much I like fancy designs. The display doesn’t add anything new to setup, but the user experience remains good and basic. In short, you know where you need to go and what to do, which can sometimes be a benefit in itself.

Display ABB FCB450
Courtesy of ABB

The FCB450 covers most applications, but if you have a hygienic process, then you’ll need an FCH450 to adhere to your regulations. Same thing, only cleaner.

The FCB450 has good accuracy for liquids at +- 0.1 percent for mass flow, +-0.15 percent for volume flow, and +-0.002 kilograms per liter (kg/l) for density. The advanced version can give you up to 0.001 kg/l, and if you do the field density calibration, then you can get 0.0005 kg/l! Yeah, no words now, right?

ABB could’ve provided a better range of materials, though, only offering stainless steel and nickel-alloy for choice. You’ll see in this comparison that many competitors have much more options.

ABB CoriolisMaster FCB450 features

It can measure your flow, right? It has a pretty good size range, from 1/2 to 6 inches. On the other hand, it has weak offerings for seamless integration: 4-20 mA, pulse, frequency, or switch output. No FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS DP/PA, Modbus, or EtherNet-IP? Really basic, ABB.

Coriolis ABB FCB450
Courtesy of ABB

Speaking of basic, it does have an easy setup and configuration process, so you can get your meter online and working properly in a blink. It also has a design that guarantees self-draining of the product, and the sensor’s compact size makes installation easier.

Why should I care?

The FCB450 can be a good option, depending on your application. ABB has an online tool to scale out the meter into your process conditions. It’ll also give you an idea of its performance compared to other devices.

And I saved the best for last. The VeriMass feature allows you to check the device conditions. If you want to run a diagnostic focused on the erosion of the meter, then VeriMass can do that and more.

Report VeriMASS ABB FCB450
Courtesy of ABB

It’ll give you a report with a complete test of the device, such as sensor, electronics, configuration, and operation conditions. If you have a problem, the report will give you the data necessary to understand and fix the problem to avoid unscheduled downtime. And as a little extra, if you have batch filling in your process, then an option called FillMass can help you with performance in a filling application.

In general, the FCB450 can cover a lot of applications. Remember to scale out this flow meter and others to find the best for your process!

Want to know more about the ABB CoriolisMaster FCB450? Give us a call.

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