Micro Motion 5700

Emerson launched the new Micro Motion 5700, and we’re here to have a look and tell you what we think! Enjoy the read and draw your own conclusions!

Micro Motion 5700
Micro Motion 5700 – Courtesy of Emerson

Whatcha got there?

Emerson has put out its new Coriolis flow meter, the Micro Motion 5700. We always look forward to a new product from Emerson, and this time was no different!

The 5700 is a transmitter with a great design and lots of features available! Don’t worry, it still has its old features too, like the meter verification function, right?

Most of the developments presented on the new Micro Motion 5700 center around the transmitter. It now offers a wide range of digital protocols and different ways to access the information from the meter. Nifty, huh?

What can it do?

The Micro Motion has tons of benefits. It has the Ethernet protocol already built in as EtherNet-IP, PROFINET and Modbus TCP/IP. That gives you a range of options for the meter.

The new transmitter also gives you the chance to save and upgrade the configuration and flow meter diagnostic report using a USB stick! So 21st century! However, the Micro Motion doesn’t use the new USB-C. If the trend continues and all new laptops switch to USB-C, you’ll need a dongle! #Donglelife

Gotta tell you about the display and setup too, because the configuration used to be simpler and faster. This time around, you need to know what you’re doing! The device’s accuracy doesn’t bring anything new, but that didn’t need improvement anyway. If it ain’t broke, Emerson don’t fix it!

Why should I care?

Because the Micro Motion 5700 will make your dreams come true! Okay, not that, but it should help in a variety of applications. If you’re ready for a fancier device, then check out the Micro Motion 5700! However, keep in mind that it has decent competitors, like the new Promass 300/500 from Endress+Hauser. Shop around!

Also, you need to decide if you can take the hit in the wallet. You can certainly find perfectly decent options on the market for way less! All that delicious new technology on the Micro Motion, you know you gonna pay for that!

If you need a good Coriolis flow meter and you have money to spend, check out the Micro Motion 5700!

And this video:

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