Hello, gang! All good? Yes, I’m here again to review another product and give you the dirt on it! This month, we’ll cover all things pressure-related. Have you ever worked with pressure? If not, then lucky you. Not complaining, just sayin’. Today, we’re going to take a look at SITRANS P500.

You see, with all the vendors on the market waving pressure transmitters, you have your pick, from the fanciest high-dollar gadgets to the near-disposables. Whatever you choose, it should provide high accuracy and long-term stability. Otherwise, keep looking.

Today, we’ll review a robust and flexible transmitter from Siemens. My friends at Siemens always work with high-level stuff; you won’t see that name on unreliable products, in my not-so-humble opinion.

So let’s say hi to the SITRANS P500! We’ll dive into the details and provide the most relevant features to support your daily life. You already know the deal, right?

Take a seat, grab a sandwich, have a read, and draw your conclusions!

Whatcha got there?

I hate to start this way, but reviewing Siemens products always gives me a headache. The website and material don’t give you much to work with, no lie. Anyway, from what I could find, Siemens claims the SITRANS P500 offers the highest accuracy and other awesome stuff sales reps usually say.

The design brings us nothing special. It looks too square for me, but you know that means zip. I just like to comment. You can buy a display for it that shows the process variables, so that’s all right. It also has push buttons on top, and you can easily set it up without a field communicator.

SITRANS P500 Siemens
Courtesy of Siemens

The website has the range information as 0 to 1.25 millibar or 0 to 32 bar. However, leafing through the manual shows more options, so you can probably find the range to fit your application. The SITRANS P500 will also measure your temperature and static pressure. Nothing outstanding, but good to know.

What can it do?

Provide you stability and accuracy in flow, level, and pressure applications! Yep, the P500 has excellent accuracy, around 0.03 percent for a turndown up to 10. And the stability, at 0.05 percent for 5 years and 0.08 percent for 10 years, gives you enough security to consider the P500 for your next application.

SITRANS P500 device
Courtesy of Siemens

It looks like it has a fast response time, although the manual doesn’t make that clear. If you don’t have electrical damping, then you get around 88 to 140 milliseconds with a dead time of around 45 milliseconds. Sounds like enough to me!

Why should I care?

On one hand, the P500 offers excellent accuracy and stability with a robust sensor that has a local configuration, display, and advanced diagnostics. On the other hand, it falls short on integration, with just analog and HART available. If you want other protocols, then you’ll need a P410 or a DSIII. And guess what? Those models offer special options with accuracy similar to the SITRANS P500. So why buy the P500? Okay, stability, accuracy, 10 years…

Courtesy of Siemens

Let’s try to see the positive side. The 4-20 mA and HART will still give the P500 a range of applications. It also has safety integrity level (SIL) 2, and you can use the sensor in temperatures up to 125 degrees Celsius. The Electronic device description (EDD) offers integrated quick start assistance, which will save time in setup. And it has different wetted materials and process connections to make for a suitable solution in many applications.

At least they have an excellent video explaining the P models. Check it out:

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