Expert’s answer: How to fix a level transmitter malfunction

Hmmm. Level transmitter malfunction, that’s a tricky one. Have you checked the level range in your device configuration? If you don’t have a correct level range setup, then your transmitter won’t read correctly. Always follow the setup wizard, because the wizard knows best. It’ll give you the right setup step by step.

If everything looks good in the setup but you still have problems, you need to read the envelope curve. Understanding this graphic will reveal what you have in your tank beyond the level. Furthermore, if you want to know more about envelope curves, take a quick look at this article.

Reading the envelope curve will also show you interferences in your level measurement. If you find interferences, you need to do some mapping. When you map, you tell your device to ignore all interferences and just read the level.

For the curves and the mapping, you can use the display, but you may find it easier to read and configure using your laptop. You can install Device Care or PACTware for free to do your settings.

Finally, you may also need to check the current loop conditions without the transmitter, and a current loop calibrator will help here. You have a lot of choices in the market, and it’ll help for daily activities in the field.

Commissioning of Levelflex and Micropilot instruments:

FMP5X mapping:

Where can you get more information about level solutions for a level transmitter malfunction?

Want more information about level solutions? In that case, you can see the market’s current level solutions here:

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