Expert Answer: Temperature sensors VIVACE VTT10-F

Good to see people digging deep in the instrumentation world to find new instrumentation companies and devices. VIVACE isn’t very well-known on the market. Nonetheless they do have some options, especially for temperature measurement.

VTT10-F Breakdown

The VIVACE VTT10-F is a temperature transmitter developed to be installed in the field. Its housing is IP67 protected, which means that all the electrical connections are immune to water contact. That is, if you install it correctly… Don’t forget to screw it on tight!

VIVACE also claims that the housing is suitable for hazardous areas. However, the explosion proof and intrinsically safe certifications are pending according to the VTT10-F technical manual.

The five digits Bargraph LCD display of the VIVACE VTT10-F has a particularly nice feature. You can rotate it 90 degrees and install it whichever way you want. As a result, you won’t have to worry about having to turn your head to read the measured variable.

When it comes to protocols, the VIVACE VTT10-F supports analog, HART, and Profibus PA. It has local adjustment Zero Span system which uses a magnetic tool to navigate through the menus. It also supports EDDL and FDT/DTM.

Supported Temperature Sensors

Getting back to your question now, the VIVACE VTT10-F is compatible with RTDs, Thermocouples, Ohm or mV temperature sensors. It has an operating temperature range of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. If you want to have a deeper look in the compatible sensor types and its work ranges for best performance and accuracy there are tables in the technical manual listing them. But of course you won’t need to dig into the manual. We at Visaya do the hard work for you! Just have a look on the tables below:

Courtesy of VIVACE
Courtesy of VIVACE
VIVACE VTT10-F Ohm or mV
Courtesy of VIVACE
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