Visaya The Open Digital Platform for Process Automation – Visaya Weekly Episode 25

We are in middle of a digital transformation. Customer’s perception of value is shifting! And how people consume content and knowledge is changing from books to smartphones.

Visaya is the Open Digital Platform for Process Automation.

We want to help customers buy the right instruments for the right application

Since January 2017 our technical experts and contributors have been writing and publishing original Articles and Q&As helping users make informed decisions.

Actually, we are doing something completely new for the industry… product reviews and comparisons.

Visaya is on its way to becoming the knowledge base for process automation,

Our platform is designed to you help you navigate all of our content, from videos to Q&As allowing you to discover everything you need to know to buy the right instrument for the right application.

But of course, this information has to get to you somehow, we post and share all our original content to reach and engage our online community.

Ok EVA takes for a quick spin around Visaya

“Sure thing, here you go!

Here you can find all you need to know about Flow.

German, here is the latest article on Coriolis flowmeters

There is a video about the same topic here,

Visaya has a product review of this Coriolis mass flowmeter,

you can also see similar devices from other suppliers that you may find interesting.

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So now it’s your turn!

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