Recap 2017 and the most-read articles of the year!

Hello, everyone! I hope you had a great Christmas and are hyped for New Year’s Eve. With the new year ahead of us, it’s time to look back at how we’ve lived in the past year and make our resolutions, right? With this look-back/plan-forward spirit, we created a recap of 2017 for Visaya.

In our first year as a platform, we spent a lot of time learning and improving. Our platform has evolved quickly, adding new features, producing a ton of content, and expanding our audience as well as our team.

Back in April, we covered the Hannover Messe, one of the biggest fairs in the automation industry. We checked out all the new technologies and solutions presented and kept you up to date with everything going on there.

Recap 2017 Hannover Messe
Fabricio testing out Augmented Reality (AR) devices at Hannover Messe 2017

And throughout the year, we interviewed #pAutomators to bring you closer to some experts in the field. We also created content aimed at students on the basic principles behind measuring instruments and important concepts about automation in general. Oh, and let’s not forget the definitive guides we prepared for you, in which we explained the physics and math behind the instruments in the market that could fit your applications.

This year we published 765 pieces of content about process automation. These break down into 239 articles, 349 Q&As, 121 product reviews and comparisons, and 56 videos. We could reach more than a million people with all this information about the process automation world!

For us, looking back and seeing how the Visaya community has grown and continues to grow is very satisfying. For 2018, we’ll continue working hard to bring the best content about #pAuto to you. Speaking of, shall we have a look at our most-read articles from 2017?

1 – Game of Coriolis: Mass flow measurement

One of the most awaited events of 2017 was the premiere of the seventh season of Game of Thrones. Here in Visaya we love TV and movies and always try to create content for these special dates. One of the articles we created was Game of Coriolis: Mass flow measurement, our most-read article of 2017. You can read the full article here.

2 – The definitive guide to pressure transmitters

As I mentioned before, one of the content formats we created in 2017 was the definitive guides. So in this guide we gathered everything you need to know about pressure transmitters. We started out talking what pressure is, then moved on to how to measure it and where. If you want to read the full guide, then you can check out the link here.

3 – Common errors with pH sensors

Problems are never a good thing to have, right? With that in mind, we wrote an article about the most common errors that can happen with pH sensors and how to get around them. Our readers seem to relate to some of these problems, which made the Common errors with pH sensors article the third most-read of the year.

4 – #WishIknew – What is dissolved oxygen?

One of the content formats we cooked up in August this year was the #WishIknews, quick answers to questions that people starting in process automation have. We try to explain basic concepts in a swift yet meaningful way. It looks like many of our readers found this format useful, making the #WishIknew – What is dissolved oxygen? reach the fourth position on our list.

5 – All You Need to Know About an 80 GHz Radar Level Sensor

Throughout the year we also uploaded weekly videos in which we explained principles behind some measuring instruments, tested devices, and took a few into the streets to see if people could recognize them. One of the devices we tested was the Vegapuls 64. In this video German shows some of the device’s features and also does a unique test in the end. You can watch the full video right here.

6 – #pAutomator Alex Rodrigues, Instrumentation Technician at Emerson Automation Solutions

Yet another type of content. I swear I didn’t pick these articles by hand. But I was very surprised with the data Google Analytics gave me when I saw that we had basically one article from each type of content we created this year on the list! It means that you guys also enjoyed our different formats. Anyway, in our #pAutomator series, we interview relevant players in the process automation field. In this one specifically, we had a little chat with Alex Rodrigues, an Instrumentation Technician at Emerson Automation Solutions. Learn more about Alex’s work, how he started in automation, the challenges, and so on here!

7 – Comparison: Liquiline M CM42 vs Knick Stratos Pro

In the 7th position, we have a product comparison. Here we compared two analytical transmitters – on the left, the gang from Endress+Hauser with the Liquiline M CM42, and on the right, the Stratos Pro to represent Knick in this battle. Wanna pick the winner of this clash? Then read the full article here and play in our pool at the end.

8 – Analytical sensors – Why switch from analog to digital sensor?

Looking at this list, I noticed that analytics is a very hot topic here at Visaya. Don’t worry, we’ll keep that in mind for 2018. Occupying the 8th position, we have an article talking about the benefits of a digital sensor over an analog one. Wanna know what these advantages are? Then read them all here!

9 – 5 Measurement technologies that don’t scratch the surface!

In the 9th position, we have another episode of Visaya Weekly. In this episode, we review 5 measurement technologies that don’t scratch the surface! What does that mean? Well, with certain methods, you can measure some parameters without any additional installation in your plant. I hate spoilers, so you can find out by watching this video.

10 – TOP 10 Coriolis flow meter questions you must read

How about finishing our Top 10 list with another Top 10 list? The last article to make it into our most-read articles of 2017 is a list of 10 questions that we answered in our Q&As. You can read all of them in the full article here! And as a bonus in this article, you’ll find a comic about trends in B2B and B2C.

That was our 2017

I hope you enjoyed our little recap. Stay tuned in 2018 for more and more information about process automation. We from Visaya wish you a great holiday season and a wonderful 2018. Now we’ll leave you with a happy holiday video from us. Hope y’all enjoy it. See you next year!

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