Cyber Monday – #PAuto books you must buy today!

Hey, gang! So how’d you do on Black Friday? Did you get anything cool or scoop some good deals? Yup, I bought stuff too. Of course, I asked myself if I really needed those things, but now it’s too late, right?

We had a meeting here to discuss how we can support the Visaya community during Cyber Monday, where everyone comes home from the malls to shop online deals. So what can a #PAutomator buy online for process automation?

Well, the answer popped up as soon as we asked the question! What if we share internet promotions for process automation books? Then, we decided to embed a Twitter page here. So with #cybermondayPAuto, we’ll share the best prices all day Monday.

To get started, I chose three books you should check out. After that, you’ll have a live page with all the promotions we find.

^Guidelines for Safe Automation of Chemical Processes

If you work in a chemical plant, then this book can give you a lot of insight regarding safety. Read the blurb:

“This book provides designers and operators of chemical process facilities with a general philosophy and approach to safe automation, including independent layers of safety. ” Link on Amazon.

  • Author: Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS)
  • Pages: 628
Courtesy of AIChE

Process Automation Handbook: A Guide to Theory and Practice

Students, engineers, and technicians will find this book a great source of answers to process automation questions. In it, you’ll find the relevant knowledge you need for most industrial segments. Here you have a short description of the book from Amazon:

“This book distills into a single coherent handbook all the essentials of process automation at a depth sufficient for most practical purposes. The handbook focuses on the knowledge needed to cope with the vast majority of process control and automation situations. ” Link on Amazon.

  • Author: Jonathan Love
  • Pages: 1093
Courtesy of Springer

Measurement Technology for Process Automation

If you work with instrumentation a lot and you need to handle many measurement technologies, this book can help. It has topics regarding flow, pressure, valves, and other things. This write-up will tell you a bit more:

“Almost every industry that uses liquids and gas in any form needs to measure flow, temperature, and pressure. This text is a practical guide on how to accurately use these measuring instruments to control processes in manufacturing industries for food, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil, water and wastewater, power, etc.” Link from Amazon.

  • Author: Anders Andersson
  • Pages: 196 pages
Courtesy of CRC Press

Find the best prices below! We’ll tweet good promotions regarding #Pauto books, so stay tuned!

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