What’s the connection?

Every human on the planet has surely heard about the new game launched by Nintendo for Android and iOS. I’m upset because where I live, we can’t download and play the game yet. (By the time you read this, I expect to be a Pokemon master!) You can become a Pokemon master, if you catch as many as you can. You can even become a stadium owner, if your Pokemon can win the arena.

Finally, you can become confused, wondering how this game relates to your instrumentation.

The answer is simple! The game teaches us to devote ourselves to gaining more and more Pokemon and evolving them into stronger Pokemon, creating a better chance to become a stadium owner.

And now the translation…

To make the connection to the automation world, you have to think about the importance of having all the device data throughout your plant in your hands. If a company lacks a plant asset management (PAM) system, we might say it fails as a good instrumentation “master.”

Field devices can help a company avoid process problems by providing information that can evolve the maintenance system to another level. With predictive maintenance, the team can keep stop problems that could cost a lot of money and time.

The type of network you use can have an effect on this evolution. If the company has an analog plant (4-20 mA), then a PAM system with wireless saves money on installation and service.

If the plant has a PROFIBUS network, then you can buy field gates to monitor the devices and network. That means you stay informed about everything happening with the instrumentation. Other protocols have similar solutions.

These solutions allow you to access your devices remotely, build a condition monitoring system, and avoid unplanned downtime.

In conclusion…

Keep in mind that even with a digital protocol in your company, your plant may not have a PAM system. And even if the company has remote access software, it may still need efficient predictive maintenance.

In the end, you need all of these elements for the most efficient environment. Your system will work best when everyone adopts the predictive mindset and keeps the maintenance evolving.

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