Hannover Messe 2017 – 4th day #HM17

Day 4, and we’ve visited nearly all the booths at #HM17 ! Today we focused on presentations and products addressing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) concept.

Microsoft’s booth demonstrated solutions with different partners, a big step towards IIoT development! The reps with SAP showed off their IIoT concepts for factory and process automation. And Emerson and Endress+Hauser made their statements on the potential they see in an IIoT future.

Please enjoy the highlights of our day. If you want to know more, then you can check out the official sites for these companies at the end.


1 – ABB has a valve device connected to a plant asset manager. It can monitor the movements of the control valve, giving you enough data to determine if the valve has a problem or not. #HM17 #Visayahm17

2 –  Yokogawa presented the idea of one device taking various measurements, then sending that data to a cloud server through a 3G network. Yokogawa’s IIoT cloud, running on Microsoft Azure, would collect all the data for analysis and action. The dashboard delivers information and diagnostics from the field clearly and quickly. #HM17 #Visayahm17

3 – Bechhoff also used Microsoft Azure for its solution. You can connect with most digital protocols in the field using remote I/O. Then the certified IoT controller sends the data, using protocols like OPC UA, to the Azure ecosystem. It also lets you check all insights from the field devices remotely. Bechhoff’s demo unit is an energy monitoring system, and it provides plenty of process information. #HM17 #Visayahm17

4 – Endress+Hauser had two IIoT solutions. The first innovative concept collects the field data, using RFID TAG to read the information before send it to a cloud. There you can check your installation, critical devices, vendors, and more. The second verifies device diagnostics from the cloud. That means you can easily check your sensor with your smartphone, tablet, or other internet platform instead of going out to the field. #HM17 #Visayahm17

5- Emerson has a simple booth, but it gave us the chance to see the new devices and learn more about Emerson’s IIoT vision. Basically, the solution runs out of the control system and gives you apps to check it. For example, energy management, machinery performance, and device reliability all have apps for monitoring and diagnostics. Most of the setup runs wirelessly, although you can use cable devices too. #HM17 #Visayahm17

6 –  We also got to test DAQRI’s solution in virtual reality. The experience is impressive! I could see all the details of a 3D turbine in front of me. Then the program guided me through a maintenance check. Last but not least, I could use the thermoview to look at people around me. Super cool! #HM17 #Visayahm17


These vendors all had great ideas for tackling IIoT development, and I hope we’ll see more like them in next year’s Hannover Messe. For now, we’ll leave you with the links to the official sites. See you later!

Highlighted companies:

  • ABB
  • Bechhoff
  • Emerson Automation Solutions
  • Endress+Hauser
  • Yokogawa

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Hannover Messe 2017
Hannover Messe 2017
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