The most-read articles in July 2017

We flooded July with flow, didn’t we? But we learned a lot about mass flow measurement and Coriolis flow meters. We also had questions and answers every day on different devices. Our traditional Visaya Weekly video, available on YouTube and here, offered more insights as well.

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Last but not least, we played with Game of Thrones for some of our content and cover images. By the way, we have a question for you: Who is the owner of the Coriolis flow meter’s throne? Drop us a comment with your opinion!

Who is the owner of the Coriolis flow meter’s throne?

Drop us a comment with your opinion!

Coriolis flow meter

Now, on to the most-read articles of July 2017!

Coriolis effect: The physics behind Coriolis flow meters

If you work in automation, you’ve at least heard of Coriolis meters. But do you know how they work? Don’t worry, we got you covered. We’ll explain it step by step so you can be a Coriolis expert by the end of the article. Read more

Comparison: Micro Motion vs Promass F 200

On the right, Emerson Automation Solutions brings another product from its Micro Motion brand, the 2200S. On the left, the crew from Endress+Hauser offers their first Coriolis flow meter on review here, the Proline Promass F 200. Read more

Android or IOS? How about both? Field device integration for the win (FDI FTW)

Android here to stay or iOS all the way? Each operating system has its own quirks, and you choose your phone based on your needs, your habits, and your desires. Fair enough. But what do phones have to do with field device integration (FDI)? Read more

Everything you need to know about precision, accuracy, and calibration

If you have questions about precision, accuracy, and calibration, then you should watch Visaya Weekly Episode 22! Read more

What does an automation technician do?

In this article, I’ll explain what an automation technician does, how you can become one, and how much you could make. I’ll also tell you the difference between a technician and an engineer. Read more

Game of Coriolis: Mass flow measurement

If you don’t know how a Coriolis meter works, this is your chance to learn the principle and find out the relationship between Game of Thrones and Coriolis! Read more

Game of Coriolis: Density measurement

Coriolis flow meters are some of the most accurate devices for density measurement. You’ll usually get an accuracy around +-0.0005 percent! Now, find out how it’s possible! Read more

Product review: Badger Meter RCT1000

Today, we have another new company for Visaya! The crew from Badger Meter has put a lot of time on the instrumentation road and has built an extensive portfolio to show for it. So let’s check out the features on the RCT1000 to see if it can fit in your new installation. Read more

Protocols for the Smart Wireless Gateway 1420

So what are the protocols available in Emerson’s Smart Wireless Gateway 1420? Find out the answer here! Read more

How do you fill the tank of the largest container ship in the world?

Have you ever wondered how you’d fill up a ship to travel around the world? Maybe they have a gas station in the middle of the ocean! Who knows? Find out by watching another Visaya Weekly episode! Watch now


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