The most-read articles of October 2017

October just came to an end, and with it the last days of “warm” weather in Berlin. The colorful leaves of autumn are already gone. Winter is coming!

However, today is also a festive day, especially for our fellow Americans. It’s Halloween! Time to carve pumpkins, dress up, and watch the kids going trick-or-treating. So have you chosen your costume yet? I was thinking about dressing as a clown after the movie It came out.

Anyway, while you decide what you’re dressing up as, you can also check the ghoulishly good articles from October 2017!

1 – Comparison: ALTImass TypeU vs Badger Meter RCT1000

The most-read article of October is actually a product comparison from the end of July. We reviewed the ALTImass TypeU from OVAL and the RCT1000 from Badger Meter, two Coriolis flow meters with no fancy features but honest performance. Both Badger and OVAL were debuting on Visaya back in the day. If you want to read more about these meters, then click here.

2 – Game of Coriolis: Mass flow measurement

The second most-read article of the month couldn’t be more appropriate for the moment. Winter is coming! The title of the article refers to the HBO series Game of Thrones. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know on how a Coriolis flow meter works.

3 – All You Need to Know About an 80 GHz Radar Level Sensor

The third position of October has an episode of Visaya Weekly, our video series on our YouTube channel. If you haven’t subscribed yet, take a couple of seconds to do that and get weekly videos about process automation.

In this episode, Germàn tells you all you need to know about an 80 GHz radar level sensor.

4 – #pAutomator Alex Rodrigues, Instrumentation Technician at Emerson Automation Solutions

In our #pAutomator series, we interview people who work with process automation to show a few their stories, their work, and why they’re passionate about #pAuto. In this article, we talked to Alex Rodrigues, an instrumentation tech at Emerson. He has worked for nine years in process automation for companies such as JAT Instrumentação, Pepperl+Fuchs, and Emerson.

5 – #WishIknew What are pressure measurement and calibration?

In our #WishIKnew articles we answer common questions about topics related to process automation. Coming in fifth for the month of October is the answer to the question, “What are pressure measurement and calibration?”. Check it out here.

6 – Comparison: Schneider 244LVP vs Magnetrol E3 Modulevel

Another product comparison made October’s top 10 list! This time we reviewed two displacer level devices, the Schneider Electric 244LVP and its opponent, the Magnetrol E3 Modulevel. An interesting article which is worth the read.

7 – Unboxing – How to Measure the Level of a Water Bottle?

In the episode 32 of Visaya Weekly, Germàn unboxed the Vegapuls 64, a radar level transmitter sent to us by VEGA, and put it to a test. He used the radar to measure the water level in a water bottle. Then he took to the streets of Berlin and asked people if they could guess how much water was inside the water bottle.

Spoiler alert – He met a guy from the Visayan Islands in this episode! How cool is that?

8 – Level measuring with a capacitance level transmitter

In at number eight comes an article that explains capacitance level devices, the principle behind them and how they work. The article also gives some examples of where you can use them in your applications.

9 – #WishIknew How does a bubbler level transmitter work?

Another #WishIKnew made it to our October list. This one answers the question, “How does a bubbler level transmitter work?” take a look at it over here.

10 – PID controllers and the drones!

Last but not least, the article “PID controllers and the drones!” If you’re an engineering student, you got shivers just seeing “PID,” right? In this article, I explain what a PID controller is, giving you easy-to-understand examples of how each component works.

And check out our latest episode of Visaya Weekly!

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