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Yep! This is the cruel reality. Nobody cares about your flow meter features, but do you know why? Because most features won’t solve the customer’s problems, or if they do, the customer can’t tell!

Have you ever received an invitation to go to a technical seminar? It’s always a fantastic event with a lot of people and food. There, product specialists will explain and explain some more about features and features and — oh right, features! You probably fell asleep at least once in a seminar, right? Hahaha, I’m sure you did!

It’s boring because you don’t care about the features. When the seminar ends, you won’t even remember the product, much less the features list. You went there to find a solution for your daily problems, and the company rep only told you how many inputs and outputs the device supports!

When I was a student, I kept hearing about flow meter diagnostics and how important they are for the customer. As of now, I’ve never met a customer that knows exactly how to use the verification function. Most of them didn’t even know they had the function.

All brands on the market suffer from featuritis, because now all flow meters come with complete diagnostics. You get a full report with health details and a guarantee that you don’t need to calibrate! You know what? Who cares?

Most companies offer yearly calibration, or they have a three-year service contract for field calibration. Will these new features add anything special for those customers? NOoooo!!!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against digital evolution or technology. In fact, I consider myself a digital native. But for me, only when I enjoy something will I want to learn more about the features and analyze the differences among competitors. I usually do that in my free time, not at work when I need a solution yesterday. Yes, features are vital, but my point is that all these companies get caught up in selling features and forget to sell real solutions!

Now the approach can change. When you want to sell a feature as a solution, then you explain how it solves a real pain in the process. Feature explanations always sound superficial, just dry facts without real value propositions.

Maybe this happens because the people who create the products never visit customers to understand the real daily necessities? I don’t know. Tell me if I am wrong.

Not long ago, a colleague said, “Once a solution, always a solution!”

Basically, he explained that when you open your mind to the solution, you focus on solving your customer’s problems and view your products with that in mind. You become moved by the challenge!

Then we’ll hear fewer pitches like “My device supports 10 protocols, and it’s the faster device on the market!”

We’ll start hearing more like “In your process, you lose nearly $100k a month because your meter starts failing at your maximum output. You can save money by avoiding unscheduled downtime if you install a flow meter that will give you its health status online!”

Can you understand the difference between the approaches? Now go to YouTube and check out the flow meter videos. Most of them have the exact same explanations about their features! Snore!

Original publication Visaya Solutions at Medium.com

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