Keep your process GREEN while reducing energy costs!

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Reducing energy costs!

We’ve selected the top 7 ARTICLES on Visaya.Solutions to support you in keeping your process GREEN while reducing energy costs. You can find suggestions for different areas of your process and learn how to monitor WAGES. That is, understanding how to configure an efficient monitoring system for Water, Air, Gas, Electricity and Steam applications.

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Energy costs
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1. Energy Monitoring System – Instrumentation: In an earlier article, we introduced the energy management systems (EMS), where we discussed the concept behind it, the variables it should monitor, and the ISO 50001 standards that it should follow. For the energy management systems, you need accurate devices to monitor consumption. Fortunately, you can combine products from different companies, giving you the best options in different areas. Then all the data from the field will go through the energy management systems to provide the insights necessary to reduce energy use and costs in your plant.  LEARN MORE HOW TO REDUCE ENERGY COSTS!

2. TOP 5 Devices to improve your Energy Management Solution: If you want an energy management solution in your plant, then you need efficient devices. The gizmos in this list can run in many Energy management solution setups, are dead easy to install and use, and supply tons of data on your process conditions. So by mixing and matching them, you can build yourself a fantastic EMS. If you have an new energy management project, you should consider one or all of these products. In no particular order, our TOP 5! LEARN MORE HOW TO REDUCE ENERGY COSTS!

3. Industrial energy management system: What is it and why should I care? So what’s an industrial energy management system, you ask? Or maybe you want to know why we should talk about it in the first place. Don’t worry, we’ll address both of those questions here. If you work in automation or process engineering, then you’ll want to understand and use industrial energy management systems. READ MORE

4. Magmeter or DP meter in energy monitoring system industrial: In energy monitoring system, you need to focus on the total data rather than the moment-to-moment values. Now with a wireless system, you have to pay attention to the update time. For example, the wireless DP has a minimum update of one second and lifespan of less than one year. You can find a lifespan estimate using the power module life estimator from Emerson. If you set a Rosemount 3051 in a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius with an update time of one second, the power module may only last 0.6 month. READ MORE

5. Vortex for steam measurement: Ah, yes. You can find many devices to apply in a steam application. Most companies go with multivariable transmitters, and you can find good ones, depending on the brand. However, these devices need primary elements, which often bring a host of problems. If you choose an orifice plate, for example, then you’ll find a rather user-unfriendly installation. READ MORE

6. Do wireless manometers exist? Expert’s answer: What is a wireless manometer? Wireless manometers do indeed exist. They have yet to become standard, or even common, but they offer enough benefits for that to change. A wireless manometer gives you a chance to send all process data directly to your control system. That means the process operator won’t waste so much time walking through the plant to check pressure values. READ MORE

7. Are we ready for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)? This is an really important question. Are we ready for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)? Maybe not, but for a more positive spin, we’ve begun building the path to it. As it stands. In my career, I’ve visited many companies and segments, and sometimes I had trouble selling solutions. After a while, I saw a similarity among the companies – they still used analog and didn’t want anything digital! Granted, I only met resistance at a handful of businesses. But the number of companies ready to think differently seems too small compared to the companies plodding along with analog. READ MORE

Below you have companies with Industrial energy management systems on the market:

  • Endress+Hauser
  • Emerson Automation Solutions
  • Siemens
  • Rockwell Automation
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