Hey, people! We’re back with our next #pAutomator interview at Visaya. This time we have Oliver Seifert from Endress+Hauser. Oliver’s actively involved in energy management of steam and gas and has always been keen to learn more. In this interview, he shares his work in the company and speaks on the growing need for industry metering.

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Thanks for your time. Can you tell us about your career so far?

I started with Endress+Hauser Flowtec in September 2000. I come from the field of steam and gas measurement. In this area, I think the new multi-variable flow meter has the most exciting progress. It lets Coriolis meters measure mass, density, and viscosity.

image of #pAutomator-Oliver Seifert
Oliver Seifert,Endress+Hauser Flowtec Head of Product Management

It’s also been great to work with vortex meters measuring pressure, temperature, and dryness fractions. In addition, ultrasonic meters measuring methane and bio-gas energy is a huge boost for sure.

Any milestones or special developments you’d like to share?

Yeah! The new addition of Heartbeat Technology has been a major milestone, especially relevant for safety per IEC 61511 and compliance to standards like ISO 14001, 50001, etc.

image of #pAutomator-Oliver Seifert
Endress + Hauser Flowtec Sensors

Another amazing advance is E+H’s web-enabled Asset Management W@M. This helps customers over the full life cycle to improve safety and efficiency, boost availability, and yet cut down cost. So I feel glad to be part of such a story!

What big challenges do you see in market growth?

I believe political instability is a big challenge. Instability never acts in favor of investment, and that’s because industries like oil and gas show strong volatility.

What are the latest developments in thermal mass and vortex flow meters? And how does IoT apply to them?

We recently added a new line of vortex meters. First of all, they have the best safety parameters for SIL applications per IEC 61511 and can also measure lower than competitor solutions. In addition, they have the best linearity in the market. This has an option of integrated reduction of line size and an optionally integrated measurement of pressure and/or temperature. Hence, the vortex meters are the most robust solution to measure steam.

#pAutomator-Oliver Seifert
#pAutomator Oliver Seifert

In fact, it seems like they can defy condensation-induced water hammers – it starts where others break! Finally, they can measure steam dryness fractions.

Looking back, what do you attribute your success to? And how do you see the industry in the years to come?

E+H’s strength is its ability to cater to customer needs and learn from them. The industry will continue to improve efficiency, availability, and safety, cut down costs, and boost product quality. And metering will continue to stick around as a major trend.

Endress + Hauser Flowtec
Endress + Hauser Flowtec

So why does metering seems so vital? It’s because the world population keeps growing. As a result, we need more good air, which means emissions control. Also, we need to eat and drink, which means clean water and fertilizers. Finally, raw materials, energy, and medicine all need metering too!

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