Hannover Messe 2017 – First day #HM17

Hey guys, how is it going there? Yesterday we participated in the first tour around the fair and the opening ceremony at night! Our feelings about the event are really positive and we are looking forward to seeing and sharing all the new technologies and solutions on Visaya.

You can follow us minute by minute and check everything that we are seeing at Hannover Messe 2017 on our live feed which includes pictures, videos, and photos.

We left Berlin yesterday around 8ish to arrive in time for the press tour. This is my first time at Hannover Messe, and my impression about the size of the event and the organization was that this is a huge fair. You guys will share my feelings when you see all the content that we’re gonna share here.

The tour guided us through different types of companies and I’d like to highlight two of them. The first company is Siemens, the dudes had a huge stand with solution for all parts of the industry from machinery monitoring to cloud solutions. They guided as through a control room with all the control solution and the dashboard for performance monitoring!

The other company that I want to focus on is GE! Their show started with a solution that we called ‘the real minority report’. Have you watched the movie? Because the solution is similar to the movie reality. We also had a conversation with the guys from the industrial internet control system. They showed us the details behind their technology, such as the OPC UA communication and the possibility to have the cloud solution. Here as well, they had a cool dashboard to present all the plant information in a cool way.

I have selected the the most relevant highlights from yesterday. Most of the stands were not ready yet and when walking across the plant, most of things were still turned off.

Enjoy the recap and stay tuned on the Visaya Solution live feed.

Highlights from day 1

1 – The first solution were the AR smartglasses which allow you to check the performance of all plant equipment. This is a cool solution and a growing trend in the industry. But we need to have the smart devices out there before moving to the smartglasses, right? What do you thing?

2 –  The smart machinery with cameras that can detect everything around. This is an important solution to keep the safety in all process, this is still a project from a university, however the concept is really interesting I have to say. You can watch the video here.

3 – The SAP internet of things solution for factory automation! This was a really interesting stand – you see the power when you connect the field instrumentation into a strong platform. The dudes were not there, so Germán and I just played a little bit with the solution, but we are looking forward to check in with them today for more details.

4 – The new ultrasonic flow meter from Siemens. During the press tour, I found this device but the guys were not there to explain the features and details. This is how the installed device looks like, but we’ll find out more about the details today.

5 – We visited the Endress+Hauser stand and I took a picture of the PROMASS Q 300, their new Coriolis flow meter. The device looks as good as most of their devices, although the sensor is bigger than the traditional EH sensor shape. The idea here is to provide high accuracy in density measurement.

Last but not least, we took part in the opening ceremony. We were impressed with the organization, the dancing show and the speeches (especially Angela Merkel’s one). We then went on to grab some beers and hang out with the rest of the dudes there.

Stay tuned and follow us. #HM17 #VisayaHM17

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Hannover Messe 2017
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