Product Comparison: Temperature Transmitters

A temperature sensor plays a crucial role in most applications. For example, maintaining a specific temperature is vital for equipment used to fabricate medical sedatives, heat liquids, or clean critical machinery.

Not only that, the responsiveness, precision, and efficiency of the measurement range are also vital for quality control. Mostly, the parameters mentioned above are governed by the type of input used. Essentially, everything depends on the sensitivity, accuracy and physicality of the input.

Hence, today’s product comparison discusses four temperature transmitters: Yokogawa’s YTA610, Emerson’s Rosemount 65 RTD, Endress+ Hauser’s iTHERM TM371, and SMAR’s TT481WH.

Yokogawa YTA610

First of all, the YTA 610 from Yokogawa is an accurate temperature transmitter. Importantly, it can take up input options, such as the thermocouple, resistance thermometers, Resistance meters or DC millivolts input. So, it converts them into a 4-20 mA dc or digital Fieldbus signal for transmission.

Image of Yokogawa YTA610 Temperature Transmitters
Image courtesy of yokogawa

As for the Fieldbus signal, the device supports the HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus communication protocols. Thus, it is a simple device with possibilities that can be very useful as a temperature transmitter.

Emerson Rosemount 65 RTD

Secondly, the Rosemount 65 RTD from Emerson comes with an industry-standard Pt100 resistance temperature detector (RTD). Notably, it offers either single or dual element devices, as per IEC 751 compliance.

Image of Emerson Rosemount 65 RTD Temperatur transmitter
Image courtesy of emerson

Likewise, this norm is capable of covering a wide range of temperatures, from as low as -200 and as high as 600 degrees Celsius. Importantly, the Pt100 sensor is resistant to impacts or falls. This is due to the vibration with its connection heads features quick mounting and fast-replacement.


Endress+Hauser iTHERM TrustSens TM371

Further, the iTHERM TrustSens TM371 from Endress+Hauser is a compact thermometer. It can therefore be used for hygienic and aseptic applications. Thus, it mainly applies to the areas of Food, Beverage and Life Sciences Industries.

Image of Endress+Hauser iTHERM TrustSens TM371
Image courtesy of Endress+Hauser

Even more, the sensor that comes with the device has a self-calibrating function and Heartbeat technology to monitor the sensor life. Likewise, it has high accuracy with a quick response time. Further, it has features that can eliminate non-conformity or undetected failures. Hence, with a wide range of international hygienic certification, this is a good pick for the Food & Beverage industry.

More about the device: iTHERM TrustSens TM371 from Endress+Hauser


Finally, the TT481WH from SMAR has a wirelessHART technology, which is a robust protocol designed for numerous applications. Similarly, the device has the advantage of a wireless feature that efficiently manages the device.

Image of SMAR TT481WH Temperature Transmitters
Image courtesy of smar

In addition, the device provides economic installation, quick access to information, strength in communication and information integrity, and network security. In conclusion, good accuracy, fast response time, and ease of installation and calibration are the features that the TT481WH offers.


Yokogawa YTA610
Rosemount 65 RTD
E+H iTHERM TrustSens
What’s in the box?
LCD indicator with local display No local display No local display Internal display for sensors and network status configuration
At a first glance:
Dual compartment housing option for harsh environments Conversely, this is equipped with the DIN-style sensor, thermowell and mounting options In contrast, this has a compact built-in transmitter with an extension neck and a protection tube 2 Li SOCl2 batteries of 7.2 V with a lifetime of four years
Single or dual universal input. Options include: RTD, TC, Ohms, and mV Single or dual element option.


Options include, for example:

Pt100 RTD with Class A or Class B accuracy

Similarly, single input temperature sensor. Options include:


Pt100 RTD

4 to 8 input channels. Options include: RTD, TC, Ohms, and mV, and analog
+/- 0.03 per cent of span + /- 0.3°C at 0°C for the Class B accuracy rating and a Class A accuracy of + /- 0.15°C at 0°C Class A accuracy of + /- 0.15°C at 0°C and Class B accuracy of + /- 0.3°C at 0°C +/- 0.02 per cent of span
Process Conditions:
Ambient temperature range: -40 °C to 80 °C Ambient temperature range: -40 °C to 80 °C,


Sensor measurement range: -50 °C to 450 °C

Measuring range: –40 to +160 °C,


Ambient temperature: –40 to +60 °C

Ambient temperature: –40 to +60 °C
Type of Material (enclosure/
terminal head, etc.):
An enclosure material of Low Copper Cast Aluminum alloy with PU Thermowell material choices. For example, Stainless Steel, Alloy C-276, and much more Protection tube and extension neck of AISI 316L stainless steel Mounting tubes come in 2-inch AiSi 316 or surface treated Carbon Steel   
Protection Standards:
A degree of protection of IP66/67 and NEMA 4X An ingress protection of IP6/IP68 Maximum protection option of IP69K A degree of protection of IP 66
Hazardous approvals from ATEX, FM, CSA, IECEx, NEPSI and INMETRO. Hazardous approvals from ATEX, IECEx, TIIS, and EAC Hygienic approvals like EHEDG, 3A, and FDA and hazardous approvals like IECEx and UL. In contrast, No hazardous and hygienic approvals
Supported Protocol:
Foundation Fieldbus communication protocol and HART 7 Protocol



Rather, No digital protocols.


It gets 4-20 mA analog

4-20 mA, HART, PROFIBUS PA and Foundation Fieldbus HART protocol version 7 with the commands of the standard WirelessHART


Hence, the above-mentioned sensors offer a host of features. So, depending on your needs and the technical specs you are looking for, you can choose the right device using the table above. Further, you can consider the following points:

    • First of all, most devices offer similar accuracies. So, if you need one for hygienic process condition, you can check out Endress+Hauser iTHERM TrustSens TM371. Because this device offers a wide range of hygienic approvals, it is best suited to a device for Food & Beverage application.
    • Second, some devices are best in areas that need rugged devices. For example, they can withstand heavy pressure, temperature, humidity and hazardous applications. Thus, the Yokogawa YTA610 and Emerson’s Rosemount 65 RTD are great for this.
    • Third, if you are looking for a device that can communicate using a wireless channel, the  SMAR TT481WH is a good fit for you.


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