The most read articles in March 2017 – Learn more about temperature measurement, safety, solutions and more.

The real industrial internet of things

1. Energy Management System – Instrumentation: In an earlier article, we introduced the energy management systems (EMS), where we discussed the concept behind it, the variables it should monitor, and the ISO 50001 standards that it should follow. For the energy management systems, you need accurate devices to monitor consumption. Fortunately, you can combine products from different companies, giving you the best options in different areas. Read more

2. TOP 10 Coriolis flow meter questions you must read: Hello guys, let’s talk about Coriolis flow meter!Here we are with another episode of “TOP 10 questions”. This time around, we’re going to talk about Coriolis flow meters! However, before you start reading our TOP 10, we’d like you to have a look at our new comic! Read more

3. TOP 5 Temperature transmitters on the market: We’re up, yup yup, for another TOP 5! We did our first TOP 5 on fancy Coriolis flow meters, and we got some good traffic and comments on our social media. Some peeps got a little mixed up, confusing our opinion piece for research, but that happens. We roll with it. Today we’ll list the TOP 5 temperature transmitters! Looking at prime solutions for your daily process here. The selections on this list provide a bit more than those transmitters that look like cookies, you know? These have cool displays, more than one input, fancy features, and enough oomph to work in hazardous areas. Read more

4. Keep your process GREEN while reducing energy costs: We’ve selected the top 7 ARTICLES on Visaya.Solutions to support you in keeping your process GREEN while reducing energy costs. You can find suggestions for different areas of your process and learn how to monitor WAGES. That is, understanding how to configure an efficient monitoring system for Water, Air, Gas, Electricity and Steam applications. Read more

5. Multipoint Temperature Assemblies: Let’s talk about multipoint temperature assemblies. Petroleum refining needs complex yet sturdy devices to provide strict, efficient control of the processes. Refineries use catalytic reactions to get the desired quality and remove contaminants. The reactors can be up to 40 meters tall and must work nonstop 365 days a year for anywhere from 6 to 12 years. This demanding task calls for special assemblies. Read more

6. Comparison: Rosemount 848T vs SMAR TT481WH: Hey, gang! How’s it going? Last week we took a break from the product reviews, so we’re ready to get back to the ring, right? This month we want to focus on temperature, so we’ll align our product reviews and comparison with our hot topic! Haha, I made a funny. The fighters today both come equipped with a really cool skill. Yup, they’re wireless and that’s awesome! I love wireless communication and am thrilled that more automation segments have adopted it as a standard. Read more

7. Comparison: KROHNE OPTIMASS 6400 vs TRICOR TCE 8000: Hey hey! Today we have two new fighters, one of them a relevant vendor in the flow meter market and the other a quiet new competitor you’ve probably never heard of. We do these comparisons to give you more information for you to draw your own conclusions before you buy. Keep in mind that you need to scale out these meters. If you pick only by features, then you may wind up with a big surprise. Of course, performance counts most, but certain features can sway your decision if you have meters with the same performance. You need to choose which will benefit your process the most. Read more

8. What’s new at Wasser Berlin water trade show, Visaya Weekly 7: Hey, guys I hope you are doing well. This week in Visaya weekly we visit the Wasser Berlin water trade show. We talked with some of the instrumentation and application experts in the water and wastewater industries. Read more

9. Temperature measurement, How is it done? Visaya Weekly Ep. 4: Have you ever wondered how temperature measurement is done? We walk around the streets of Berlin asking; What does this device do? Some of the answers will surprise you. Have you ever wondered how is temperature measurement done, even in the hottest of applications, like burners and furnaces? Read more

10. How to collect Heartbeat Technology information? I already have a new device with Heartbeat technology built-in, how can I have access to the flow meter report? Do you know if I need to have specific software to have access and verify the flow meter health? Read more

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