Coriolis flow meter

Hello guys, let’s talk about Coriolis flow meter!

Here we are with another episode of “TOP 10 questions”. This time around, we’re going to talk about Coriolis flow meters! However, before you start reading our TOP 10, we’d like you to have a look at our new comic!

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1. Coriolis mass flow meter reading variation – We have three Coriolis mass flow meters for ethylene, one on the main battery limit and the other two on different reactors. Their flow meter should match the main battery’s meter. Right now, we have one to two tons per kilogram of difference, with the battery limit showing less. Can anybody help me solve this issue? Expert’s answer: As always, you first need to check the installation of the flow meters to figure out any Coriolis mass flow reading variation. Not only do you need to install them following the recommendations, but also you need to confirm that you did the meter zeroing properly. Read more

2. Coriolis application in a gas installation – Hey. We’re installing a new Coriolis in a gas application. Should we have inlet and outlet runs? What’s the correct installation for gas? Expert’s answer: Hey, so you want to know if a Coriolis installation requires inlet and outlet runs and how to correctly install it for a gas application. Good questions. First, always read the manual before installing your device. Nobody likes reading them, I know, but it helps more than you think. Okay, now to your case. The Coriolis meter doesn’t need inlet or outlet runs; this feature puts the Coriolis above the rest. You can install it vertically or horizontally, but when you mount it vertically, the fluid should go up. Read more

3. Natural gas flow application –  We are working on a new project to natural gas flow measurement, it’s not a custody application, but an energy measurement to control the consumption of the natural gas! What’s the best alternative? Expert’s answer: A gas flow application is not complex. That said, something that you have to keep in mind when choosing one for an energy monitoring system is the accuracy of the solution. Read more

4. Heartbeat technology – What’s the difference between both solutions? I know that I need to pay more to have the Heartbeat monitoring, but which type of information I will receive from the device? Expert’s answer: The difference between Heartbeat Technology Monitoring and Verification is easy to explain. With the Heartbeat verification, you either have to go to the device in the field or run the verification remotely through the web server or a PAM system. Read more

5. Heartbeat Technology devices – I really like the heartbeat technology, but it’s not clear to me which kind of device offer the diagnostic already built-in, could you tell me? Expert’s answer: This is simple, I’ve listed all the available devices that are using Heartbeat technology below. Read more

6. Profinet flow meter – We have a PROFINET network in our company, and we are looking for a field device with the PROFINET already built-in, how about the PROFINET connection? Expert’s answer: To be honest, there are already better options on the market nowadays. The Emerson Automation Solutions offer the Micro Motion 5700 with PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and Modbus. Read more

7. Beverage application – I need a new Coriolis for my beverage application. Which type of certification does the device offer? Expert’s answer: Great question! To use a flow meter in the food and beverage field, you have to abide by the requirements set to keep quality and safety standards high, and those standards need certification. Depending on where your device appears in the process, the certification may vary. Read more

8. Beer application – These are the information about the our process and we would like to know if we can apply a Coriolis in the application, could you check? Product: Beer, flow range: 0 – 2500 l/h, temperature: – 20 to 20ºC and the pressure is 2 bar. Expert’s answer: Nope, no need to apply a Coriolis in a beer application. You can solve the flow measurement using a magmeter or a Vortex. Read more

9. AMS suite and Smart Meter Verification – I already have an AMS Suite in my plant, and now we’re planning to install a Coriolis with Smart Meter Verification. Can I access it with my AMS Suite or do I need to buy new software? Expert’s answer: Yes, you can access the Smart Meter Verification (SMV) through the local display, ProLink, and your AMS Suite. However, if you want the diagnostics and access to the AMS Suite, you need the SNAP-ON™ Application. Read more

10. Prolink and Smart Meter Verification – I have a ProLink already installed, and my Coriolis from Emerson has the Smart Meter Verification already built in. How do I use them? Expert’s answer: First of all, you need to connect the ProLink with the Coriolis, using the Modbus. You need the interface for the RS-485 communication between your laptop and your field device. Usually, Emerson will provide a Black Box to connect them. Read more

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