Can’t decide which Coriolis flow meter to choose for your application? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Our engineers selected the best devices on the market to narrow it down for you a little bit.

Endress + Hauser Proline Promass 300/500

The new Promass 300/500 Coriolis flow meter brings a lot of Endress+Hauser experience with its flow measurement. This new series launched by Endress+Hauser has the 300 (integrated version) and 500 (remote version).

We can also combine these transmitters with an alphabet soup of sensors – Promass E or Q or whatever else – for different applications. Below we have a few features in this Coriolis mass flow meter line:

Proline Promass E 100 Coriolis flow meter with a minimized total cost of ownership and an ultra-compact transmitter

Wireless communication: We can set up the transmitter using your phone, tablet, or laptop. The transmitter has optional WLAN communication, which allows you to set up without software.

Flexible input/output (I/O): No fixed I/O means you have the freedom to set up as you like with options such as pulse, frequency, and status.

Display color: If we are having  a problem with the device or the measurement, the display color switches to red to warn you.

Heartbeat Technology (HBT): We can run device verification directly in your process. Three different options give you information on the condition of your device.

To know more about 300 combined with the Promass I sensor, you can read our Product Review 

RotaMASS Total Insight

The new ROTAMASS Total Insight Coriolis flow meterbrings significant improvement to Yokogawa’s line of flow meters. The line offers two transmitters, Essential and Ultimate. In case we don´t know whether we wantl the whiz-bang, then pick the Ultimate. If we want just the basics, then we can go with the Essential.

Have a look at the video from Yokogawa on their Rotamass:

Here are the most relevant features:

    • Micro-SD card: You can easily save and upload information through your laptop, then read and analyze the data.
    • Tube Health Check: Following the boom of self-diagnostics in flow meters, Yokogawa beefed up with its own version to help you avoid problems and unscheduled downtime. It’ll give you a complete report, too.

Siemens SITRANS FC430

Find the complete video on Siemens Sitrans FC430 flow meter in the link below:

While not the top option in the Siemens portfolio, the FC430 is new and therefore brings new technology to save time in the field. So have some highlights:

    • USB port: You can easily get the information from the device using a simple USB stick! This feature is fairly fresh in flow meters today.
    • Micro-SD card: You can store all your data from factory settings to the latest process variables during operations. Great for creating an audit trail, which people always forget about until hit with an audit. Trust me, you want this now, not later. More information

Sadly, the protocols fall into the minus category, with options limited to HART and analog. If you want other protocols, then you need to migrate to another transmitter. Still, it has custody transfer and a compact design. Some good function for a simple Coriolis!

ABB CoriolisMaster FCB400

The new Coriolis flow meter from ABB looks like a good choice, but sticking to standard options makes it struggle to keep up with its fancier competitors.

In the link Bellow you will find the complete video From ABB on the CoriolisMaster :

Still, the accuracy, design, and basic function keep the FCB400 as a relevant competitor. Its plug-and-play electronics replacement and online preventive maintenance would appeal to anybody. We can highlight as important features the DensiMass software, for direct concentration measurement, and the FillMass software, for filling application control.

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To know more about coriolis flow meters, you can get in touch with our engineers

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