Visaya: The Platform for Process Automation Industry

Visaya is an open digital platform for the Process Automation industry. It has its roots in the German term ‘Wissen’ that signifies knowledge. It also traces back to the Sanskrit word ‘Visaya’ meaning subject matter.

Having this as the background, Visaya: The Platform for Process Automation was set up in 2016. The platform acts as a forum for sharing knowledge, showcasing devices and operating an e-shop.

Based out of Berlin, Germany, the Visaya team is run by a team of engineers and enthusiasts. The platform provides a personalized experience for its users. It helps with the entire journey of understanding, analyzing, selecting and buying a device in the Process Automation industry.

Thus, Visaya helps you become better-informed and make good choices about the products on the market. All the information provided on the platform is relevant, up-to-date and focused on market needs and offerings.

Further, the educational articles and interviews with leading experts provide a wide spectrum of knowledge. There is also content based on opinions on relevant topics relevant to the Process Automation industry.

How does the Knowledge-Base Work?

As a platform to share knowledge, Visaya has a range of content for sharing knowledge and keeping its readers up-to-date with the latest happenings and developments in the Process Automation Industry. For this, the content is divided into the following parts:

  1. Product Review: In this section, we not only review a number of products and devices available on the market, but also compare them. This way, you have a better idea about which device or product would best fit with your application.
  2. Q&A: Our experts share all the knowledge they have acquired over the years working in the field with you. This section clarifies any questions on the working principles that you have regarding Process Automation and Instrumentation.
  3. #WishIknew: In this section, we create content on the various applications and concepts from across the Process Automation industry. This helps to build awareness on the developments and terminologies currently circulating in the industry.
  4. #pAutomator: This section features engineers across the Process Automation industry. This interview series explores the personal and professional journeys of such individuals. In this way, it covers their powerful impact on the industry.
  5. #LinkedInsights: This section features the latest discussions by engineers across social media platforms like LinkedIn. For example, it could include queries, ideas and suggestions to make working principles efficient and effective.
  6. Feature Articles: Finally, this section talks about the various concepts, technological breakthroughs, problem-solving applications and associated subjects that are of interest to the Process Automation industry.

What is a Device Directory?

The Device Directory is a device filter that lets you filter your requirements and help choose the right instrument for the right application. You can also browse through different devices from an array of popular and trusted brands in a single platform, Moreover, you can compare products to make your selection process easy and efficient.

What’s special about the E-shop?

  • Ease of selection: Do you need to select or replace an instrument in your plant or have a task you need to tackle (or just prepare for)? If so, navigating the offerings of all automation suppliers can be demanding and time-consuming.
    This could be because of the variety of choices, the intrinsic complexity of the products or the difficulty of comparing similar devices from different suppliers. However, the Visaya Shop lets you easily compare different devices from different manufacturers.
  • Customer Support: Visaya continues to assist Process Automation professionals with the most up-to-date subject matter. However, when you need more detailed clarification, speaking with a person can be the way to go. So, our experienced technical customer support is here to assist you. Drop us an email or give our team a call at +49 (0)30 509 308 800.
  • Best conditions for online stores: We’re available by phone, chat and email to answer your questions whenever you need. Enjoy the Visaya simplicity from selection to delivery, with free shipping within Europe, a 30-day return policy and flexible return conditions.

Partnership Program

Under the Visaya Partner Program, you can promote your products, showcase your expertise within our content and interviews and also get connected to potential partners.

To find out more about Visaya, write to us and we shall get back to you.

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