Today, monitoring a sewage and wastewater treatment process requires tools that provide data on the quality and efficiency of the plant and its equipment. This supervision also involves monitoring stormwater overflow tanks in accordance with regulations to avoid overflow events. This article talks about how the Memograph M RSG 45 data logger monitors and analyzes process values in wastewater treatment processes.

Wastewater treatment process monitoring

The challenge

Wastewater treatment process monitoring with the Memograph M RSG 45The pumping stations and stormwater overflow tanks, located all around the wastewater treatment plant, must have their relevant data recorded on site but be able to transmit the data to a control system.


We often assume complete plant control for smaller plants. When recording information on stormwater overflow tanks, you’ll need to report the start, duration, and volume of any overflow.
For the purposes of infiltration water recording, you should have a minimum flow determined automatically within a set time.

The solution

To address this situation, which is ubiquitous in wastewater treatment processes, you can use the Memograph M RSG 45, a wastewater/stormwater overflow tank application package that comes pre-configured. It also supports remote monitoring.

For example, if a tank exceeds its limit value or a digital input changes its state, you’ll receive an SMS message or email via your cellphone network. On the other hand, to transmit information to a normal PLC, common communication protocols like OPC, Modbus, PROFINET or EtherNet/IP are used.

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As well as flow, the Memograph M RSG 45 reliably records other relevant data such as pH value, conductivity, and turbidity. Then it automatically calculates the minimum and maximum values at regular intervals – daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. It also documents limit violations, relaying signals via potential-free contacts to activate transmitters, contractors, or pumps if needed.
Measuring inflow within a set period supports infiltration water reporting for wastewater treatment processes. The system also records overflow in stormwater overflow tanks and the operating times of pumps, controllers, and actuators.

RSG 45 benefits for wastewater treatment processes

The Memograph M RSG 45´s water/wastewater treatment process software helps users supervise sewage systems by recording flow and water quality data of the plant.

It records the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly highest and lowest values for each measuring channel. In addition,  it does infiltration water reporting as well as supervision of stormwater overflow tanks.

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