Original publication: Author’s Linkedin 10/08/16

Yes, Pokemon again!

I couldn’t write a new article without creating a connection between an automation solution and Pokemon GO! Everywhere we go, we see someone playing it – kids, teenagers, and adults alike. I must confess that I’m playing with my colleagues. My level is 15, and I’m an official member of the Blue team. 🙂

Even if you don’t like the game for whatever reason, you must agree that Pokemon GO has changed the world of smartphone games. It combines video, GPS, virtual reality, and the real world, creating new possibilities for the next generation of games. Moreover, the Pokemon name has huge brand recognition, influencing the impact of the game.

I had an encounter that compelled me to write this article, creating the comparison between wireless and Pokemon Go. I don’t know why, but apparently some people get angry when they see others playing this game. They call them crazy and accuse them of living in a virtual world. Of course, they comment using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Pot, meet kettle.

Yes, SMART technology again!

The same “traditional” mindset exists in the industry, where you will find professionals who struggle with SMART technology. Many of them need only adjust their point of view! They need to trust the technology rather than clinging to their aging solutions.

SMART solutions can pull diagnostics from the field and send them directly to your maintenance stations. That means your plant can avoid unplanned shutdowns and support the evolution of your maintenance team to another level. Up to now, most plants had only 4-20 mA systems with SMART devices that didn’t send their data to the plant asset management (PAM) platform. So the engineer had to go to the field to check diagnostics or change simple setups, spending valuable time in unnecessary field activities.

Yes, wireless solutions again!

Wireless solutions act as a cheap and fast way to connect all devices. You can install a wireless adapter directly in the field device without any special setup, and it sends all HART data without compromising the analog signal. Keep in mind, however, that loop-powered adapters may interfere with your analog signal, so definitely do your research.

These solutions provide basic ways to connect a 4-20 mA plant with SMART devices without spending a lot of money. In fact, the price of a wireless adapter almost matches that of a remote I/O or a HART programmable logic controller card.

Even your energy monitoring system can go wireless. You can save up to 40 percent of your previous costs because you won’t need a lot of structure like cables, panels, and more. You can install the device easily, which will also save you money. And all information will go to the gateway for you to manage in the energy platform.

Wireless offers endless possibilities. Just keep your mindset updated and connected with innovation. This technology exists to solve real pains with less effort.

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