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I wish I knew what dissolved oxygen is!

We all know that we need oxygen to keep breathing, right? We get this oxygen from the atmosphere. In fact, oxygen makes up one-fifth of the gas in the atmosphere.

But what about creatures underwater? Yes, they also need oxygen to breathe. So where they get it? They use oxygen dissolved in water – dissolved oxygen (DO).

Dissolved oxygen is crucial to underwater life. In fact, different animals need different amounts of oxygen to live. The amount of salt and heat present in the water affects the DO concentration. This explains why some fish live only in certain places in the world.

dissolved oxygen
Courtesy of Fondriest Environmental

In process automation, dissolved oxygen factors into a variety of applications – like the water and wastewater industry, naturally. When cleaning water with aerobic microorganisms, you’ll need enough oxygen in the water for them to work. And if you want to reuse this clean water, you’ll need to check its oxygen level.

Agitator speed, air supply, or pressure in tanks can also affect dissolved oxygen levels. If you need a constant oxygen concentration in your product, then you’ll need to monitor that dissolved oxygen. Yes, DO is important!

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