Temperature is one of the factors that influence the quality or accurate measurement of certain products and processes. A shift of a few degrees can make a difference that costs a lot of money!

For instance, if you produce ice cream on an industrial scale, then you need cold places to put it so it won’t melt before it gets to the store, like giant freezers and refrigerated trucks. That means you need systems to measure the temperature in those places and keep them cold, because nobody wants to buy pints of runny, sticky mess.

iTHERM TM401 Hygienic modular RTD thermometer

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On the other end of the scale, a metal company needs extremely high temps to make its products. The right amount of heat will not only form the shapes in the metal, but also help the metal last longer or hold those shapes better. Depending on the metal, of course.

Both scenarios need temperature measurement, but they can use different devices to accomplish similar goals. You can find many more examples across multiple industries. Just take a look!

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