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I wish I knew what vibration is!

It’s the early 17th century, and we find young Newton, Pascal, Bernoulli, and Hooke playing hide and seek. Bernoulli volunteers to be the seeker and begins hunting his hiders. He finds Newton behind a barrel on a tile one square meter in size and yells,“Found you – Pascal!”

But why did he do that?

Because 1 Pa = 1 N/m2.

Physics can make you a geek for sure! #obsoletehumor

This is a silly tribute to Sir Isaac Newton, the backbone of classical mechanics (force, vibration and motion study). Everything we know and still seek to know has come from the beacon of his intellect.

Before we get into the analysis of vibration, let’s define it:

The periodic motion of particles in an elastic body, moving back and forth from their original positions, when disturbed by an unbalanced force.

Vibration is one of the best ways to understand Newton’s law of inertia. And it occurs all around us in desirable ways, like on a violin, and undesirable ways, like on gear contact points. Want to know more? Then stay tuned!

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