Product Review: Ecofrog from E-Sensorix

Of course you know the big brands and common models on the market, but alternative brands like E-Sensorix can offer great devices too. If you have a tank for heating oil or other liquid, then Ecofrog could help you.

If you’re not familiar with this type of device, I recommend you read our article on ultrasonic and laser level transmitters. It’ll give you the base to understand this ultrasonic level sensor.

So let’s see how the EcoFrog works and check out its features and limitations. Stick with me and let me know your opinion at the end of the article.

What does it have?

The EcoFrog comes to you as a straightforward level transmitter, compact at 109 millimeters (mm) in width and length and 108 in height. It also brings a minimalist design with no local display; you can see all your data on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. However, it has a local button on top to activate its wireless communication. The manual has the steps for setting it up.

image of Ecofrog from E-Sensorix
Courtesy of E-Sensorix EcoFrog

On top of that, you still can get diagnostics locally from its LED. The manual has a list of meanings for this signal, but basically, the number of flashes can tell you what’s going on.

Lastly, the EcoFrog is cable free. All your communication happens wirelessly using a standard WiFI connection, and it powers up with an integrated battery offering a lifespan of up to 10 years.

What can it do?

Simply put, it can provide level measurement wirelessly. However, you need to ask yourself what kind of device you want.

If you want a device to integrate into your control system, then you should keep shopping. On the other hand, if you just want simple level monitoring, then the Ecofrog offers smooth integration, a good interface, and minimal structure for its installation.

image of Ecofrog from E-Sensorix
Courtesy of E-Sensorix

You can use it in several applications – water, diesel, underground, and more. It has a range from half a meter to three meters and a resolution of +-10 mm (∆ = 2 cm). It also measures every six hours, updating the data server in 24-hour intervals.

On top of that, the EcoFrog works from -17 to 50 degrees Celsius and has an IP67 rating. It uses the standard wifi protocol (802.11 b/g/n), and you can quickly deploy it using any router that suits an industrial application.

Additionally, you get the device already set up based on the specs you provide during the buying process. That makes the EcoFrog a plug-and-play device, which you may love or hate.

Why should I care?

Because the price of the device against its features makes it pretty worthwhile. This device monitors your level in places you can’t reach with your control system where you don’t need fast updates.

However, you can still get your data to the control system by migrating it with the OData-service. You can find an example in the manual of how to migrate data to an Excel file.

The web app lets you find everything you need quickly without too much work. The software defaults to 30-day storage, so if you want more, then you can contact the company or migrate the data using the OData-service.


The EcoFrog as a low-budget device brings a bunch of nice features, such as its wireless connectivity and web app. On the downside, it has a limited setup and no good integration with common automation solutions. Still, if it makes sense for your needs, then compare it to the other options on the right side of this page and find out which will suit you best.

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