HART stands for Highway Addressable Remote Transducer. This hybrid open protocol uses a mix of analogue and digital signals to communicate, usually through a HART communicator.

HART communication occurs in analogue current loops. This means that the same pair of wires carry an analogue signal as well as the HART protocol. Most systems use the analogue signal to control processes and the HART to set up field devices.

To know more about the HART communication protocol, read our definitive guide.

HART Versions

Each version of the HART protocol improves on the last. Thus, the advent of the HART 7 brought optimized wireless networking and unified wired and wireless connections. It also added benefits like exception reports and synchronized sampling. Have a look at the graphic below for a comparison of HARTs 5, 6, and 7. This should give you some sense of HART 7 benefits.

HART 7 benefits
The HART evolution – Copyright HART Foundation

Things to know about HART 7 DD updates

Usually when we replace a device that may have a newer version of the HART protocol, we should keep in mind updating the DD Library. This will enable us to use all new features of the newer HART version.

If we have several devices, this could become a problem because the download webpages of the vendors are full of firmware and DD versions to download. So, in such a case, a quick way to get all the DD files is the use the Devcom2000.

Procomsol provides us the last version of the DD files and makes your life easy as also can work as a software to configure HART Devices with the use of a HART modem.


Isolated USB HART Modem


WirelessHART was the first standard wireless communication dedicated to field devices. HART communication evolved over the years. As digitalization grew, wireless became a popular solution, making wirelessHART a natural step in the progress of data transmission. Moreover, to turn standard HART field devices into wirelessHART devices, we can put in adapters. We can also find wireless devices with built-in antennas.

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