WirelessHART was the first standard wireless communication protocol dedicated to field devices. HART communication evolved over the years. As digitalization grew, wireless became a popular solution, making wirelessHART a natural step in the progress of data transmission.

Today, we can buy adapters to turn standard HART field devices into WirelessHART devices. We can also find wireless devices with built-in antennas. These solutions have interesting pros and cons. As a matter of fact, WirelessHART devices follow similar rules, and so it’ll be easy to set up a WirelessHART configuration.

SWG70 Intelligent WirelessHART Gateway with Ethernet and RS-485 interfaces

WirelessHART configuration

First of all, we need to connect the gateway with an Ethernet cable. Normally, the gateway has a standard IP but if not, we can use software to find the IP. When we find the IP, we need to open the web server and write it in the browser.

We’ll need a username/password (Admin/Admin or Admin/Default) for full access to the Network ID and Join Key configurations. Remember or take notes on what you do here, because we’ll need to do it again when we go to the field devices. After setting up and naming the network, we need to head for the field devices.

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Using a handheld or a laptop, we can go through the configuration using a HART interface, giving the same details (Network ID, Join Key, and a new field device tag). After that, the device should communicate with the gateway.

We should never forget that the configuration is very important to get a proper connection. From there we should setup these HART standard values from the Field device:

  • Primary Value (PV)
  • Secondary Value (SV)
  • Tertiary Value (TV)
  • Quaternary Value (QV)

There are cases when customers did not take the entire advantage of HART features. Because of that, we would suggest to set up all the 4 values to get as much information as we can from the process and thereby make the plant as much automatized as possible.

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In spite of this, we shall still need to set the devices for correct process measurement, but once we establish communication among the devices and gateway, we can do all that remotely.

To know more about HART and wireless configurations, you can get in touch with our engineers and we will be happy to help.

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